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“Dear Mr. Drago, Thank you very much for the super job well done on the soundproofing my condo wall. I am impressed by materials and construction.
It is the best solution for people living in condo’s with extreme noise. All the best for your company.”

This customer had a rental neighbor in her condominium in Hawthorne Place Boston, MA. She had lived in the condominuim for multiple years and
when this rentor came in they brought a loud stereo system. She had talked to management and complained multiple times and it got her no where.
She called New England Soundproofing for help on how to stop the noise but not loose a lot of space. We came to her condo, assesed the wall and
​noise, and without wasting much space, was able to help reduce the noise significantly by only taking up very minimal space.

(781) 710-1261